Board of Trustees

Here is our 2019-2021 Orakei School Charter (pdf)

A Board of Trustees (BoT) is elected every three years and has a governance role ensuring compliance with Ministry of Education requirements laid out in National Administration Guidelines 1 – 6.

The BoT meets monthly. Meetings are open to the public and members of the community are welcome to attend. Our meetings are held in our school’s staffroom at 7pm. Meeting dates for 2019 are:

Term 1:  Feb 11,  March 11, April 8

Term 2:  May 13, June 10

Term 3: Aug 12, Sept 9

Term 4:  Nov 11, Dec 9

See the BoT Meeting Minutes


Our BOT members:

Mr Wayne Pihema  – Board Chair

Kia ora, my name is Wayne Pihema.  I am apart of the Ngati Whatua Orakei hapu and attended this school back in the late 60s-70s..

Children at School: Five of my children have attended this school.  The eldest, Chauntelle, started Primer 1 in 1983 and the youngest Pero completed Year 8 last year and is now at Selwyn College.  My grand-daughter, Judea is in Year 8.

Tenure: My tenure for this board should have ended at the school board elections in June, but the school was faced with the rare prospect of all trustees retiring within a month of a new principal being appointed.  The board at the time decided one board member should try for re-election and as as Chair it was me.  Having learnt from board members who had served 10 and 12 year terms the value of institutional knowledge and longterm relationships,  I was pleased to be re-elected. I served two years on this board around 2007/8 and this is my seventh year during this term.

Hobbies and Interests: As a single parent of three teenage boys hobbies and interests are things I used to have – but I enjoy a game of chess.  I enjoy reading late at night and gardening – although not sure if the plants share my view.  I’m really interested in Orakei as a community and life world where we bring up our children.

Why you are on the Board: Like the many hardworking trustees that have come before me and those that will follow, I am here to provide the conditions for the possibility of our children understanding who they are, what they might become – and being happy with who they are on the way through those changes.  Education and schools stand to serve our children’s potentiality.  I understand my obligations to the school but I am not an institutionalist.  Our school is part of the living body of Orakei community and our part is to care for them while they are here and prepare them for their next steps.


Mr Michael Earl – Principal

Children at School: 0

Tenure: 6 years at Ōrākei School

Hobbies and Interests: Ensuring that children meet their potential and are excited to come to school each day is very important to me. I am a big fan of finding the best ways for our students and families to connect with their learning and value the effort a child puts into their learning over the result. I am interested in understanding the best ways to support all in our learning community and value and encourage relationships. Aside from education my family are my priority and I enjoy spending time with them and experiencing new things. My wife Teresa and I have two children children Summer (12) and Leon 9 1/2). I enjoy cooking and fishing.

Why you are on the Board: Principal


Mrs Rangi Tamaariki-Liddle – Teachers’ Representative

Children at School: 1

Tenure: Since July 2019

Hobbies and Interests: Information to come

Why you are on the Board: Staff Representative


Ms Diane Ah-Chan

Children at School: I have a daughter who currently is in Year 1

Tenure: Since July 2019

Hobbies and Interests: I’m always keen to try new things and am up for new challenges and adventures. Spending time with family and friends is very important to me and currently in my spare time I’m mostly re-finding my inner child as I re-live experiences with the wonder of a five year old.  I enjoy running to relax so you may often find me out early in the morning taking advantage of this beautiful Orakei suburb which we call home. I’m also an avid (but extremely average) tennis player but its skiing that I’m truly passionate about and I’m hoping to my knees see me well into my eighties at the very least. 

Why you are on the Board: Over the last five years, as a parent, new priorities have emerged and having a chance to give back to community and society has increasingly become important to me. Being a Trustee offered  an opportunity to further give back and one where I felt my skills could be of benefit. For me, the contribution is it is about adding to the already successful story of our local school and making things easier for our Principal,  great teaching team, and parents to make a difference to the lives of the children in our community. I believe that every child has the right to be offered the best educational and social opportunities to expand their horizons and develop their potential and personalities, and that all children in our Orakei community should be able to experience (and grow) in a supportive environment.


Mrs Natalie Charteris

Children at School: 3

Tenure: Since July 2019

Hobbies and Interests: Information to come

Why you are on the Board: Parent Representative


Mrs Vicki Beaumont

My name is Vicki Beaumont. I have one child in at Orakei School in Year 1.

Children at School: 1

Tenure: I was elected to the Board of Trustees in July 2019.

Hobbies and Interests: I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer and a passionate home cook. I love the idea of gardening, but hate weeding.

Why you are on the Board: I am on the Board because I strongly believe that encouraging and supporting curiosity and an early passion for learning in children is key to their future lives and education, and wish to make a contribution towards the ongoing success of Orakei School in Nurturing Excellence.


Mrs Tanya Hansen

Children at School: I have a son Carlos in Year 3 and my daughter Xanthe started Year 0 the
beginning of term 3 2019.2

Tenure: This is my first year on the Board of Trustees and I am looking forward to being a part of the continued growth and success of Orakei School in the coming years.

Hobbies and Interests: I love cooking and connecting with people. The weekends usually involve seeing my wider family and friends and usually over-catering for these people! When I get the chance, I love to go see live music with my husband Aaron, practice Bikram yoga and read a book without interruption – preferably in the sun!

Why you are on the Board: I believe in being involved – with my children and what they do and the community, and so while my children are at the beginning of their educational journey I wanted to contribute to their school. Being on the Board of Trustees enables me to not only work to ensure the very best results are achieved for all of our children, but I can be actively involved with my own, ensuring that all children at our school have a happy, safe and successful time here, and have the opportunity to become enthusiastic young adults, prepared and excited for their next steps.