Board of Trustees

Here is our 2019-2021 Orakei School Charter (pdf)

A Board of Trustees (BoT) is elected every three years and has a governance role ensuring compliance with Ministry of Education requirements laid out in National Administration Guidelines 1 – 6.

The BoT meets monthly. Meetings are open to the public and members of the community are welcome to attend. Our meetings are held in our school’s staffroom at 7pm. Meeting dates for 2019 are:

Term 1:  Feb 11,  March 11, April 8

Term 2:  May 13, June 10

Term 3: Aug 12, Sept 9

Term 4:  Nov 4, Dec 9

See the BoT Meeting Minutes


Our BOT members:

Mr Wayne Pihema  – Board Chair

Children at School:  My 3 sons have graduated and now attend Selwyn College, I have a grand daughter in Year 7.

Tenure: Elected in 2013, previously on the board in 2009. Have served on the Paekakariki School Board 2010 -2012

Hobbies and Interests: Chess. Travel.

Why you are on the Board: My father was a pupil of this school when it opened. I went to school here. My son Asher went to school here, and now his three girls Cumorah, Sariah and Judea are here along with my three boys. Seeing the school, its place within the community, and the people who are or who have been a part of the school, takes on a different aspect from that kind of long-term relationship. Schools should be forward facing, but they should also have a sense of their history which recognises the values and strengths of the community they arose within to serve. Orakei is set for growth and a unique future, and so are your children. I am on the board to support all parents, but particularly those that wish for their child to be prepared for the world, not only with appropriate skills and learning from high quality teaching and cutting edge resources, but also that they leave with the values and strengths that make Orakei the best community in Auckland to live within.


Mr Matthew Crumpton – Principal

Children at School: 0

Tenure: 6 years in August 2018

Hobbies and Interests: I’m a lifelong supporter of West Bromwich Albion Football Club. I like to keep myself fit by boxing and playing football although sadly I keep getting injured. My absolute favourite thing to do is spend time with my family; Caroline and Elliot (7 1/2 yrs Old) and our new addition Gertie (miniature schnauzer). I enjoy cooking, however Caroline is much better than I am and I also like gardening and fishing. I’m a big fan of the latest technology gadgets but also a proud owner of a few 1950’s themed pinball machine and my much coveted Land Rover Defender.

Why you are on the Board: Principal


Mr Michael Earl – Teachers’ Representative

Children at School: None

Tenure: I am a first time board member and this is my fourth year as a member of the Orakei School Board of Trustees

Hobbies and Interests: My hobbies include going to the gym, coaching sports teams and spending time with my family.

Why you are on the Board: Deputy Principal and Staff Representative


Mr Brent Coutts

Children at School: My youngest daughter graduated Orakei School in 2016

Tenure: I was seconded on to the Ōrākei School Board of Trustees in 2008 and have been elected on in 2010 and 2013.

Hobbies and Interests:I follow most sports with keen interest, especially motorsport. My eldest daughter and I have been Breakers Basketball season ticket holders for the last 6 years. I have a hobby developing home automation solutions using programmable microcontrollers. Yeah I know it’s not the coolest hobby, but we now have some useful automated items at home that we use on a daily basis.

Why you are on the Board:

[1] To represent a portion of the community, those in a similar position to my family and I, who:

  • wish to see the school become the first choice for the whole community,
  • want the school to have great teachers,
  • want their kids to have a great start to their schooling.

[2] To see the basics done well. At work as a manager part of my role is being responsible for training and developing people. Learning starts at school so I am interested to see that the basics (reading, writing and maths) are done well. I see on a daily basis how important these are for success in adult life.

[3] To influence development of leadership skills. I have an interest and experience with interpersonal skills that help with leadership. I believe these skills (resilience, optimism, tolerance, persistence etc) can be taught and learnt. I also believe this can start as early as primary school. So where possible I try to encourage these types of skills can become part of the Orakei school way.


Ms Janine Dewes

Children at School: 0 – child has graduated and now attends Selywn College

Tenure: 11th year

Hobbies and Interests: Music, Kapa Haka, Travel, Surfing, Gardening, Shopping and spending time with my Whanau

Why you are on the Board: I have always believed than an excellent education is the greatest gift that a community can give it’s children. As a parent I wholeheartedly support this school to ensure our students have every opportunity to succeed. I am extremely passionate about any ventures that will better our children’s education and saw that becoming a member of the board would enable me to be a part of a team that would work hard to provide the school with a vision and an exciting future. My time on the board has been very rewarding and it makes me proud to see the school flourishing. It is an honour to be part of a team that celebrates excellence in education for all generations to come.


Mr Tony Haworth

Children at School: 2

Tenure: On the board since 2015

Hobbies and Interests:  I am a keen sportsman and still play football and enjoy going to the gym. My other voluntary activities include active participation on the committee of the London Business School Auckland Alumni Club. I am also Treasurer of the Friends of Orakei School and I am a Trustee of the AusIMM Education Endowment Trust.

Why you are on the Board:

I was seconded onto the Board in 2015 (re-elected 2016) to provide additional skills in the areas of financial planning and management. As a Corporate Adviser I have strong knowledge of financial and governance issues and my work regularly involves dealing with commercially-driven projects and people from a wide variety of backgrounds. A strong team is critical to the success of any organisation and I enjoy working with the existing Board and staff of the School to deliver the best possible learning experience for our children.


Mr Matt Rua

Children at School:  Caleb

Tenure: Newly elected

Hobbies and Interests: Community Development, NZ History, Rugby League, Kapa haka,

Why you are on the Board: I am passionate about education systems that develop virtues, and hope to use my voice on the board to promote ‘strengths based’ practise and a welcoming space for our teachers, staff, whanau and children to develop within. I believe in the potential of Ōrākei School and aim to provide some fresh perspectives at a governance/policy level to ensure that the school continues to embed and exhibit its values. Creativity, Respect, Inquiring Minds, Self Belief, and Excellence (the 5 core values) are some of the many attributes I hope for all teachers, staff, whanau and children to strengthen whilst attending Ōrākei School. I’ll aim from my position on the board, to ensure that our school consistently demonstrates integrity to these, and other values, whilst on our collective journey of  ‘Nurturing Excellence’ within the Ōrākei community.