Choices Programme TERM 4 – 2018

At Orakei School we are committed to offering a full range of extracurricular opportunities for our students.  Here is a collection of extra-curricular activities we encourage you to join.

Cultural/The Arts

What When and Where With For Cost
Orakei APPA Choir

Join one of Auckland’s leading choir trainers and sing popular, fun songs. If you love to sing, this is for you. If selected, you will be participating in the Auckland massed Choir event at the town hall.

Terms 1-4

Monday 1.55 – 2.55


Chris Bevan

Robin Burns

Years 5 – 8 Free
Kapa Haka

This group performs for visiting groups and organisations in and out of our school as well as at school assemblies and on special occasions.  The students will take on leadership roles, e.g. mentoring junior group members as well as developing their knowledge of karanga, whai korero and tikanga when being welcomed onto a marae or school, as well as, welcoming people to Orakei School.


(7:50am – 8:45am)


Matua TA, Whaea Lisa and Mr Earl All ages Free
Lewis Eady Music School Lessons

Your child can learn an instrument with us at school.  Instruments available include: Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Ukelele, Vocals/Singing, Drum Kit, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Recorder, Trumpet, Trombone & Violin.

Enrol your child online at

Time, place and day are dependent on the lessons the child receives Lewis Eady teachers All ages Costs apply

A relaxing and quiet time of creativity which may reduce stress and anxiety. These sessions will be used to explore creativity through colour and have some peaceful ‘time-out’.

Wednesday K1 Clare Crosby Year 0-2 Free, but bring colouring pencils or felts
Dance Club

Come and create a  group hiphop/jazz type dance to perform for the school at the end of term.



Miss Lowans Years 5 – 8 Max 15 pupils
Planting Club

Come and join us as we take care of our new fruit and vegetable plants. We will learn about how they grow, when to pick them and how we can eat & cook with them!

Tuesday lunchtime


Miss Pennington All ages Free
Fashion Design Club

Come along and create your own amazing outfits using a mixture of materials!

Thursday lunch time Miss Frost All ages Free – bring along patterned paper or material if you have some!
Book Club

Attention book lovers! Bring along your favourite book, or the one you are reading at the moment. To share stories and discover new authors. Miss Moore will read a story or you can get lost in your own book amongst the cushions.

Tuesday lunchtime


Miss Moore Years 3 and up Free


What When/Where/What With For Cost
Lunchtime Sports

Keep an eye out for sports run by our house leaders throughout the week.  Come along and play and win points for your house

Ongoing House Leaders All ages Free

Trial for our school touch team and you will have the opportunity of playing against other primary school teams and at the Eastern Zone and Bay Suburbs touch tournaments.  

Yr 7/8 Wednesday/Friday


Yr 5/6

Thursday/Friday lunchtimes

Yr 5 – 8 Free. Parent support needed to transport the teams.
Kiwi Tennis at Orakei School

This term Orakei School is able to offer tennis coaching.  For detailed information you can visit the Kiwi Tennis website . Spaces are limited so it is on a “first come, first serve” basis, so please register using the kiwi tennis link.

Tuesday 7.30 – 8.30 am and Thursday Lunchtimes on the school tennis courts. Coaches from Kiwi Tennis Years 1 – 8 Tuesday sessions – Free for 20 students

Thursday Costs involved – prices available on the website

Junior School Sports

Come and learn to play touch rugby and t-ball.  These sessions will focus on developing a range of skills involving catching and passing, throwing and striking as well as teaching game sense.  All sessions will finish with a modified game

Thursday and Fridays Senior students Years 0 – 3 Free

Students will be selected from Years 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 to form our athletics teams to compete at the Bay Suburbs and Eastern Zone athletics competitions.  Students will be selected and practise for their events based on our Athletics day results.

On-going throughout the term.  Event practises will be timetabled during lunchtimes. Orakei School Teachers Bay Suburbs

Years 4-6 on 20h November.  Venue to be confirmed.

Eastern Zone

Years 7 – 8 on 23th November. Lloyd Elsmore.

Free training.  A cost may be involved for any buses required.
Wynrs After School Football Coaching

Is your child keen to play soccer and improve their skills.  Wyners are offering after school football coaching at Orakei School.  For more information or to register please email Joshua – .


Back Courts

3:15 – 4:15 pm

Coaches from Wyners Under 9 (born in 2008 or younger) Costs involved – email Joshua.