Board of Trustees

Here is our 2020-2022 Orakei School Charter (pdf)

Ōrākei School Board

Our Responsibilities

The Ōrākei School Board is responsible for the governance of our school in partnership with the Principal, who is responsible for managing the day-to-day operation of the school.

The Board’s key responsibilities include:

  • establishing and reviewing the School Charter comprising the vision and values for our school
  • establishing and reviewing the strategic plan for the school every three years
  • approving and monitoring the progress of the annual plan for the school, which is aimed at achieving the strategic plan
  • financial and property management
  • curriculum management
  • health and safety
  • monitoring and enhancing student achievement to ensure that every student at the school is able to attain their highest possible educational achievement;
  • establishing and reviewing policies and procedures for the school
  • being a good employer, specifically in respect of the appointment, support, development, and appraisal of the Principal

The Board’s responsibilities are set out in the Education and Training Act 2020 as well as other legislation and regulations.


The Board’s vision is to promote personal wellbeing so that we prepare our students/akonga so that they are academically, socially, and emotionally ready for their next step in their learning journey.

The school’s goal is to nurture excellence with kindness through six core values:

  • respect/whakaute
  • inquiring minds/pākihi hinengaro
  • self-belief/tōku whakapono
  • excellence/kairangi
  • creativity/auahatanga
  • kindness/atawhai

The strategic focus areas identified by the Board for 2020-2022 are:

  • curriculum development
  • student learning
  • partnership and culture
  • digital technology development

The Orakei School Charter and strategic plan for 2020-2022 can be found here.

The Annual Plan for 2021 can be found here.

Board Members

Members of the Board are elected every three years. The Board comprises the Principal, a staff-elected member, and five parent-elected member. Co-opted members are optional.

The current members of the Board (as at 1 June 2021) are:

  • Michael Earl (Principal)
  • Rangi Taamariki-Liddle (staff-elected member)
  • Vicki Beaumont (presiding member; parent-elected member)
  • Te Arepa Morehu (deputy presiding member, co-opted member)
  • Diane Ah-Chan (treasurer, parent-elected member)
  • Paul Honor (parent-elected member)
  • Rick Agraval (parent-elected member)

The Board Secretary is Janine Dewes.

As at 1 June 2021, the Board has one casual vacancy for a parent-elected member that it is in the process of filling. A by-election process to fill this vacancy is underway.

Board Member Information

Mr Michael Earl
Board Member Since 2013
Hobbies/Interests Ensuring that children meet their potential and are excited to come to school each day is very important to me. I am a big fan of finding the best ways for our students and families to connect with their learning and value the effort a child puts into their learning over the result. I am interested in understanding the best ways to support all in our learning community and value and encourage relationships. Aside from education, my family are my priority and I enjoy spending time with them and experiencing new things. My wife Teresa and I have two children Summer (13) and Leon 11). I enjoy cooking and fishing.


Rangi Tamaariki-Liddle
Board Member Since July 2019
Hobbies/Interests Quality time with Whanau, My Mokopuna-Granddaughter!.  Travelling to the beautiful Island of Rarotonga annually to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Kapa Haka and coaching our school netball team fills my happy cup. Being out in Nature whether it be in the garden, walking with my husband Duane or out at sea fishing on a sunny day. A weekly practice of Mindfulness Yoga, Pilates, QiGong is a bonus.
Intention I am the staff representative and I believe Nurturing Excellence is having accountability, proactively following Policies and Procedures and building strong home/school relationships, working collectively to ensure that all students are HAPPY, SAFE and LEARNING.  Ōrākei School has a diverse and inclusive community, especially to our special needs children and I wish for this to continue – everyone deserves respect. We are all learners and together we will continue to Nurture Excellence.


Mrs Vicki Beaumont
Children at School 2
Board Member Since July 2019
Hobbies/Interests I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer and a passionate home cook. I love the idea of gardening, but hate weeding.
Intention I am on the Board because I strongly believe that encouraging and supporting curiosity and an early passion for learning in children is key to their future lives and education, and wish to make a contribution towards the ongoing success of Ōrākei School in Nurturing Excellence.


Ms Diane Ah-Chan
Children at School 1
Board Member Since July 2019
Hobbies/Interests I’m always keen to try new things and am up for new challenges and adventures. Spending time with family and friends is very important to me and currently in my spare time I’m mostly re-finding my inner child as I re-live experiences with the wonder of a five year old.  I enjoy running to relax so you may often find me out early in the morning taking advantage of this beautiful Ōrākei suburb which we call home. I’m also an avid (but extremely average) tennis player but its skiing that I’m truly passionate about and I’m hoping my knees see me well into my eighties at the very least.
Intention Over the last five years, as a parent, new priorities have emerged and having a chance to give back to community and society has increasingly become important to me. Being a Trustee offered  an opportunity to further give back and one where I felt my skills could be of benefit. For me, the contribution is it is about adding to the already successful story of our local school and making things easier for our Principal,  great teaching team, and parents to make a difference to the lives of the children in our community. I believe that every child has the right to be offered the best educational and social opportunities to expand their horizons and develop their potential and personalities, and that all children in our Ōrākei community should be able to experience (and grow) in a supportive environment.


Mr Te Arepa Morehu
Children at School 3
Board Member Since July 2020
Hobbies/Interests A go-getter with a proven successful track record as a creator, and an innovator. I love a good project. Be it launching a new product, delivering a strategy, a house renovation, rolling on the ground with my 5 kids – bring it on.
Intention I wish to contribute to the future of my kids in an environment that they are immersed in for a massive chunk of their life. I’m keen to add my whakaaro, kia tupu tika, kia tupu kaha ngā tamariki katoa o te kura (keen to add my thoughts for the benefit of all the kids at the school).


Mr Paul Honor
Children at School 1 grandchild
Board Member Since August 2020


Mr Rick Agraval  
Children at school 2
Board Member Since June 2021


The Board can be contacted through the Principal or by email at


Board meetings are usually held at 7pm on the third Monday of every month in the Staff Room. Meetings are open to the public and parents, caregivers and whānau are welcome to attend as observers.

The meeting dates for 2021 are:

  • Term 1: Monday 15 February, Monday 15 March, Monday 12 April
  • Term 2: Monday 17 May, Monday 21 June
  • Term 3: Monday 26 July, Monday 16 August, Monday 20 September
  • Term 4: Tuesday 26 October, Monday 15 November, Monday 13 December

Minutes of previous Board meetings can be found here.


A new Board is elected every three years. The next triennial election for parent-elected and staff-elected members is due to be held in mid-2022.

Five parent-elected members will be sought at this election.