Gifted and Talented Education

All children are gifts: are unique, and have strengths, but only some children are gifted. Those who are gifted have the potential to achieve at levels we would not normally expect from children of their age.

It is now accepted that gifted and talented children are not simply those with high intelligence. Gifted and talented children represent a wide range of students with many different abilities. They are children who perform, or show potential, in areas such as intellectual, creative, artistic, or leadership capacity, or in specific academic fields.

Gifted and talented children at Orakei School are those with potential, or who display, relative to their peer group, outstanding general or specific abilities, behaviours and qualities in these areas. They may excel in the fields of athletics, creativity, visual and performing arts, cultural awareness, intellectual activities, technology, personal/social/leadership areas. They may be regarded as gifted in just one or in many of these fields.

We recognise that some students may be Multi Exceptional. They may be seen to be beyond their peers in some areas, in conjunction with one or more learning disabilities.

Students identified at Orakei school as gifted may require differentiated programmes and/or services, in order to realise their contribution to self and society. We are aware some children may need social and emotional support.

Orakei School’s gifted and talented programme for those identified as intellectually gifted has been named ‘Like Minds’.

Characteristics of giftedness


Links to organisations catering for, and working with, gifted children and their families.

TKI                  (Te Kete Ipurangi)                                

NZCGE           (NZ Centre for Gifted Education)      

NZAGC           (NZ Association for Gifted Children)