GP9 Conflict of Interest


The standard of behaviour expected at Orakei School is that all staff and Board members effectively manage conflicts of interest between the interests of the school on one hand, and personal, professional, and business interests on the other. This includes managing potential and actual conflicts of interest, as well as perceptions of conflicts of interest.

Purpose of the Conflict of Interest Policy

The purpose of this policy is to protect the integrity of the school decision-making process, to ensure confidence in the school’s ability to protect the integrity and reputations of Board members and to meet legislative requirements.


Upon or before election or appointment, each person will make a full, written disclosure of interests, relationships, and holdings that could potentially result in a conflict of interest. This written disclosure will be kept on file and will be updated  at each Board meeting.

In the course of Board meetings, Board members will disclose any interests in a transaction or decision where their family, and/or partner, employer, or close associates will receive a benefit or gain. After disclosure, the person making the disclosure will be asked to leave the meeting for the discussion and will not be permitted to vote on the question.

Relevant Legislation

Including but not limited to;

  • Education Act 1989


Document Management and Control

Policy / Document Owner: Orakei School Board of Trustees
Governance Policy Number: CP9
Prepared or Reviewed By: W Pihema
Authorised By: The Board of Trustees
Date Policy Approved and Resolution No.: June 12 2017 / 2.6.17
Date Last Reviewed:
Review Frequency: Triennial
Date of Next Review: June 2020


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