GP8 Trustee Remuneration and Expenses

Purpose of the Trustee Remuneration and Expenses Policy

The purpose of this policy is to clearly define the reimbursement structure paid to each of the Board members in their role as Trustees.


The Board has the right to set the amount that the Chair and other Board members are reimbursed for attendance at Board meetings in recognition that these fees cover the expense of attending Board meetings. The Principal, as a member of the Board is entitled to the same payment as all other Trustees except the Chair.

Reimbursement structure

Currently at Orakei school;

1   The Chair receives $75.00 per Board meeting.

2    Elected Board members receive $55.00 per Board meetings.

3    There is no payment for working group/committee meetings.

4   Attendance fees are non-taxable within the agreed non-taxable amounts of $605 annually for Trustees and $825 for the Chair.

5  Attendance costs for professional development sessions will be met by the Board of Trustees. Prior approval must first be sought.

6  All other reimbursements are at the discretion of the Board and must be approved prior to any spending occurring.  A schedule of any reimbursements will be tabled quarterly at Board meetings by the Board’s secretary.

Relevant Legislation

Including but not limited to;

  • Education Act 1989

Document Management and Control

Policy / Document Owner: Orakei School Board of Trustees
Governance Policy Number: CP8
Prepared or Reviewed By: W Pihema
Authorised By: The Board of Trustees
Date Policy Approved and Resolution No.: June 12 2017 / 2.6.17
Date Last Reviewed:  
Review Frequency: Triennial
Date of Next Review: June 2020


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