OP3 Appointments Policy


This policy is used in conjunction with Orakei School procedures on safety checking, police vetting and screening.

Purpose of the Appointments Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure a clear commitment to the safety of all Orakei School children by defining best practice guidelines for employing school staff.


In accordance with the regulatory requirements for safety checking under the Vulnerable Children Act 2014, we demonstrate our commitment to the safety of children by adopting appropriate safety checking practices when employing school staff, whether core workers, volunteers or other.

To assist in the appointment of quality staff to any vacancy which may arise, appointment committees with expertise relevant to the vacancy, will be selected to carry out the appropriate appointment procedures.

Appointment of the Principal is the responsibility of the Board, which will determine the process.

Responsibilities of the Principal

Therefore, the Principal must ensure that they:

  1. determine the composition of the various appointment committees according to the schedule outlined below:
  2. Appointment of the Deputy-Principal,  will involve an appointment committee consisting of the Principal, and a Trustee (should the Board feel the need to include one).
  3. Unless determined otherwise by the Board, appointment of all other teachers, leaders, part time teachers, long term relieving teachers, and non teaching staff will be the responsibility of the Principal in consultation with the Board Chair or delegate where deemed necessary.
  4. have school procedures in place and fully implemented that meet all legislative requirements regarding safety checking, police vetting and screening of all staff.

Relevant Legislation

Including but not limited to;

  • Education Act 1989
  • Employment Relations Act 2000
  • Vulnerable Children Act 2014
  • National Administrative Guidelines

OP3 i. Appointments

Document Management and Control

Policy / Document Owner: Orakei School Board of Trustees
Operational Policy Number: OP3
Prepared or Reviewed By: W Pihema
Authorised By: The Board of Trustees
Date Policy Approved and Resolution No.: June 12 2017 / 2.6.17
Date Last Reviewed: Sept 4 2017
Review Frequency: Triennial
Date of Next Review: Sept 2020


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